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Imported and suggested packages

package usage priority
htmltools It is used to work with HTML content. high
xml2 It is used to work with xml doc. high
yaml It is used to work with yaml objects in Rmd file. high
rmarkdown It is used to processe documents (Markdown and HTML) and to extract YAML from a Markdown document. high
servr It is provided a simple HTTP server. high
rstudioapi It provides a set of functions that enable access information about the current RStudio session. It manages files and projects and controls the behavior of the RStudio IDE. It is used to work with Viewer. high
fs It is provided a set of tools for file system operations. moderate
stringr It is provided a cohesive set of functions for working with strings. moderate (but frequent in use)
methods It is used to display the methods associated with a generic function or to determine if methods are available for a specific function. high
lubridate It is to convert datestamp of testResult into a date-time object (extract_results.R). low
magrittr It is provided the %>% operator. moderate
httr2 It is used for working with HTTP requests. high
curl It is used for transferring data with URLs. To put file in the body of the http request. high
digest it generates a hash of the file name using the SHA-1 algorithm(extract_results.R) and used for handling sensitive information. moderate
knitr It is used to create HTML and to compile dynamic documents written in R Markdown that contain embedded R code chunks. high
getPass It is used to hide the password of the user(api_opal.R). high
keyring It is provided a way to securely store and retrieve sensitive authentication data. high
zip It is used for manipulate ZIP archives. high
kableExtra grading table formatting. low
textutils To decode HTML entities. high